Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For Greensboro, North Carolina Homes

Look at what Cabinet Concepts can offer you!

Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Initially it can be challenging to discover a kitchen cabinet design that fits your needs, but it’s not as complex when you consult Cabinet Concepts in Greensboro, North Carolina. We can help you create the best kitchen cabinets to match your home's style and existing decor. However, before any construction occurs, it's important to thoroughly consider what your custom cabinets will look like! Take a look at our very own buying guide and contact us to get started!

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Look For the Right Material

You can start your search for the best kitchen cabinets by reviewing the materials you’ll use in their bodies. Beautiful, sturdy custom cabinets typically feature high-quality materials like solid wood or plywood. However, you can also use a lighter particle board material if you prefer. Either way, it's important to have a solid base for your personalized design. Cabinet Concepts can help you find the right item for your construction plans and use it in your work!

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Watch the Doors

As far as decorative touches go, your kitchen cabinet doors should add a good touch; the color palette and style should match the rest of the cabinet space. That being said, the door handles also need useful indentations and cuts that make them stand out. It's also possible to stick with frameless doors if you want a more modern look, but don't forget about the knob on the bottom or top! Browse all the possible kitchen cabinet design options with us!

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Plan the Overlay

Simply put, the overlay on your kitchen cabinets has to do with the outside aesthetic, or what you and your guests will see. For example, a custom cabinet frame may appear exposed in some situations, if that matches your home's overall interior design. But, it can also be recessed within the base of the cabinets to create less of a bulky look. Before you make any final decision, always consult samples from our Cabinet Concepts experts!

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Consider Extra Features

Your kitchen cabinets can also support many extra features for your convenience. This includes:

  • Support for pull-down or pull-out shelves
  • Elevated toe spaces for wheelchair access
  • Lowered levers or handles for handicapped users
  • A unique stain or paint for the outside
  • Integration with any plumbing fixtures or other utility items in a spot

Many of these special features can help enhance the usability of your custom cabinets for every member of your family, possibly even increasing the value of your property!

Your kitchen cabinet design can truly be custom, and include any elements you desire. Visit us at Cabinet Concepts in Greensboro, North Carolina to get started on creating your custom cabinets. We provide a thorough approach to reviewing your needs and providing you with a solution you can trust!

Look at what Cabinet Concepts can offer you!