How to Calculate the Real Cost of Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Calculate the Real Cost of Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets

Our team at Cabinet Concepts is proud to offer high-quality kitchen cabinet design and construction services to homeowners in Greensboro, North Carolina and throughout the Triad. We are dedicated to helping you curate your own custom cabinets while also maintaining a strict adherence to your own budget. If you're thinking about doing some redesigning, it's important to note that the total cost of your new kitchen cabinets will vary. Take it from us and expect to consider these costs when getting your new kitchen cabinets ready!

Image of old cabinets being removed

Removing Your Old Cabinets

Every new kitchen cabinet design requires you to get rid of the old ones; it's difficult to do this yourself so this should be completed by a professional. The cost to remove the old cabinets will vary based on the amount of work necessary for the task. However, you can save money by donating them to a charity that can provide a tax deduction. Either way, Cabinet Concepts is happy to review with you the potential cost of making room for a new home addition.

Image of cabinet handles being installed

Watch For Hardware

The hardware necessary for installing new kitchen cabinets will vary by project, which also means the cost itself will vary. Every custom cabinet construction job requires certain types of fasteners, pulls, locks, and other mechanisms, depending on the design. When you meet with our Cabinet Concepts staff, we can discuss this part of the process before any changes are made to your kitchen.

Image of cabinets being installed

The Installation Process

When you settle on the perfect kitchen cabinet design, we can install them inside your home; however, but the cost of doing so will depend on the necessary labor. It's important to understand that some tasks may be harder to accomplish than others due to the added height or wiring. Cabinet Concepts will check your site and determine a suitable charge that works for your budget!

Image of a kitchen sink

Plumbing Management

Some kitchen cabinets may interfere with your home's existing plumbing structure. Therefore, you might require a separate plumber to fix any issues in your setup, including in spots where your new cabinets will be installed. These minor fixes should ensure the safety of your setup without risking harm to yourself or your home's structure.

The real cost of your new kitchen cabinets can be tough to predict. But at Cabinet Concepts, we can help determine works for your cabinets, while also planning a suitable approach to work you can trust. We can provide a full consultation before we do any work, to see what it may cost for services. Our goal is to be transparent when letting you know what to expect!

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